About this Site

Welcome to my  website. I have created this site in order that you may have the opportunity to learn more about me and how I can be a positive part-time asset to your organization. I am not actively seeking full-time employment at this time. I have a great job with what I believe to be a great future, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to some part-time work to help fill my retirement coffers.

I am a technical writer with a strong IT support background, specializing in the technical communications field. In my current position, I write and illustrate user manuals (hardware and software), create and maintain sales literature, write internal operating procedures, and do many other types of documentation. I can build simple FileMaker Pro to web solutions.

In my free time, I am building expertise in open source content management systems, in particular PHP-Fusion, Drupal, WordPress, and my current favorite, Joomla!. I have also been working with database-driven genealogy software for the web, including The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding, PHPGedView, and Retrospect-GDS. Some of these applications can be integrated with the content management systems I mentioned above. Can I build a site for you? Let’s discuss some of these options at your leisure. Get a discount for your patience as I learn how to make best use of these applications for your website.

I did this site in WordPress, and astute observers may note that commenting is turned off. I have only done so due to the enormous burden of dealing with spams that flood the inbox. When I come up with a satisfactory solution that doesn’t put undue burdens on you, dear reader, comments may at some point be reintroduced to larrygrinnell.com. For now, click the Contact Me tab at the top of this page and send me an email. Thanks for understanding.

The content I have posted here is a sampling of my writing over the last 5 years or so, on a number of different topics. These pieces originally appeared in places like MyMac, LinkedIn, Just Jazz Guitar, Grinnell Family Association, and the Palm Beach Business websites.

I have resumed writing sporadically at this site on topics that interest me, and maybe they might even interest you.

Many thanks to Tim Robertson for granting permission for me to repost some of the pieces I wrote for the MyMac.com site, where I still do some blogging and product reviews.

Please click the My Resume link to read my resume.

Watch this space…