How can I help your organization?

I’ve worked in the information technology field, with an emphasis on supporting a technical communications organization. Previously, I worked as a technical writer in that same department, authoring, illustrating, and publishing user and service documentation for consumer mobile device products. I have earned an enviable reputation among my former department’s print suppliers by developing the necessary processes to ensure that the final PDF files delivered to the print suppliers went through their workflow without error.

Are you an ad agency, technical publications organization, or similar department/company with a large number of “creatives” (graphic designers, graphic artists, content creators, etc.) who need a lot of handholding? I’m your guy. I know how to work with creatives, and know the majority of the tools they use. I can help train designers fresh out of school whose course of study was web and online focused, and give them the skills they will need to succeed in creating content and designs for print for your organization.

The value I can bring to such an organization is my ability to keep your creatives focused on their jobs and not fighting with their tools. If you don’t believe me, please feel free to read the many recommendations on my LinkedIn page. Need more? I can perform most systems administrator duties. I know my way around the insides of most Macintosh and Windows machines and can perform most repair and upgrade functions. If you require additional certifications such as A+, I will be happy to obtain them, too.

I would like to continue to be able to combine these skills in a small organization, but can use these skills just as effectively in a large corporate environment, demonstrating that “I live to serve” is no joke.