Miami’s Automotive Gem – Miami’s Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection

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Miamis-Auto-Museum-at-the-Dezer-Collection1A recent issue of Old Cars Weekly contained an article about an automotive museum located in North Miami, the Dezer Collection, about 60 miles from my home in Palm Beach County, Florida. I knew about this museum for some time, but was taken aback at the admission price of $40 to see the entire collection, housed in two buildings. Admittedly, operating a museum of any kind is a very expensive labor of love. Acquisition, restoration, decoration, and the rest are costly, not to mention the cost of utilities, property taxes, etc. That said, I had to be in Fort Lauderdale that morning (about halfway between my home and the museum), so I had a good excuse to go. Read more

Musical Education & Sage Advice

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I recently found a great site containing quotes from many fine jazz and studio players. I’d heard many of them before, but it was nice to find many of them in one place. To these quotes, I added some of my own observations, coming from a lifelong love of music and deep admiration for musicians.

jpLearn tunes – Joe Pass

The late Joe Pass was a brilliant soloist, and a very humble man, who spent a lifetime honing his craft. At the same time, he often admitted to being somewhat lazy. He didn’t practice a great deal, and really disliked doing scales, feeling it was a mind-numbing activity. He claimed to know the barest minimum of music theory. He told his students to back off with their “brilliant” improvisations, and learn the melody inside and out before attempting to be a “big time soloist.” Like he said, “learn tunes.” His sometimes playing partner Herb Ellis took this concept one step further, advising his students to quietly (or silently) sing the tune as they’re playing. There’s no better way to get inside a melody than to sing it. Read more