Storage Options

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If you’re like me, you store a lot of stuff on your computer, and probably also like me, you need to create more and more space for your digital treasures, like music, photos, and the like. You also need to back them up, but I think I’ve probably bored you to tears (or horrified you into throwing all your computers away) with my recent tale of woe, having to do with losing the disk drive on my web server and not having a recent backup. Suffice it to say, there was no recovery from the original disk, but fortunately, I was able to recover about 80% of the content from other sources and am busily building a new website on a hosted service. ‘Nuff said about that! Read more

Is it time to trade in your old Mac?

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Whew! What a loaded question! The reality is that there are lots and lots of older…er…more mature Macs still in use every day, helping their owners run their businesses. One of my longtime friends is still using a slew of Macs dating back to the 1990s, because the software he’s running is still getting the job done, and newer versions are either not available, or will not run at all on the newer hardware or operating systems. His attitude is, “why spend all that money upgrading software and hardware when what I have works, and still keeps my business profitable?” Read more

What Kind of Printer?

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One of the many things a technology buyer for a business, small or large, has to face is determining what kind and how many printers do you need to efficiently support your staff.

You might be lured by the cheap (under fifty dollars) desktop color inkjet printers, but before you commit to buying a slew of these little printers, consider that they may be cheap to buy, but cost a relative fortune to feed with ink cartridges. Cartridge prices range from $20 to $50 each. Further, if you don’t use the printer regularly, the tiny holes that spray the ink on your page will dry out and plug up, rendering your nearly full $35 inkjet cartridge useless. Read more

Odd and Interesting Cars as Seen in 1960s Fort Lauderdale

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I don’t know what it is about South Florida, and Fort Lauderdale in particular. It’s a magnet for so many things: insurance fraud, mail fraud, illegal gambling, drug distribution, and political corruption on a scale that would exhaust a whole team of district attorneys, though Palm Beach County, where I now live, is trying very hard to beat Fort Lauderdale and Broward County’s sleazy record.

1959 Chevrolet Parkwood

I was four years old when, following the death of my father, my mother bundled us all up in our brand new ’59 Chevy Parkwood Station Wagon and moved us to Fort Lauderdale in July of 1959. After living in Indianapolis, this truly was a paradise, and especially for lovers of oddball cars, both foreign and domestic. Read more

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