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Welcome to my  website. I have created this site in order that you may have the opportunity to learn more about me and how I can be a positive part-time asset to your organization. I am not actively seeking full-time employment at this time. I have a great job with what I believe to be a great future, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to some part-time work to help fill my retirement coffers.

The content I have posted here is a sampling of my writing over the last 5 years or so, on a number of different topics. These pieces originally appeared in places like MyMac, LinkedIn, Just Jazz Guitar, Grinnell Family Association, and the Palm Beach Business websites.

I have resumed writing sporadically at this site on topics that interest me, and maybe they might even interest you.

Thanks for dropping by.

Diesel Delights (updated)

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I love my diesel car! There. I’ve said it. Yes, those slow, smoky, stinky diesels with the filthy gas pumps, and the warnings from service station attendants (cashiers) who sometimes run outside to caution me not to put diesel fuel in my car—that’s only for trucks! Well, maybe that was yesterday’s diesel. Today’s diesel cars have come a long way, baby. Modern diesel-powered cars, usually supplied with turbochargers, can really push you back in your seat if you understand the limitations (more later). Read more

Goodbye, Old Friend

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Mophie Juice Pack

A couple of days ago, I noticed my Mophie (no, I’m not trying to talk dirty!) had failed. To answer the eternal question, what’s a Mophie, here’s my story.

In the beginning, there was the Apple iPhone, and it was good. It was so good that users just couldn’t put them down, causing battery life to become a real problem. For many email addicts, such as myself, the internal battery on my iPhone 4 was registering as low as 30% remaining capacity before 3PM. My kid brother, another unrepentant Mac fanboy, bought a really interesting device, a Mophie, for his iPhone 3GS a few years ago. I remembered that when I bought my own iPhone, and sought one out. Read more

Learn More About Your Mac

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800px-Mac_miniThe internet is a treasure-trove of excellent information, provided by lots and lots of really smart people—most of whom give up their time without payment to share their knowledge with others. In this column, I’m going to tell you about a few of my favorite Macintosh-related sites. Read more

The Sad State of Media Retailers

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I was just shopping at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Palm Beach Gardens over the weekend and was more shocked than usual with their periodic rearrangement of the store, which I think is only done to force shoppers into areas of the store they might not normally wander through in search of their preferred book sections. What shocked me so much was the CD and Video section, which had been almost cut in half. When I stepped into that section, the first thing I noticed was the complete lack of music CDs, other than a very small wall display of Top Ten merchandise. That was it. Apparently, Barnes & Noble is out of the in-store music retailing business, or at the very least, they’re testing the concept before rolling it out across the country. Read more

Why I Am Buying an iPhone

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One of the few things I walked away with (legally) from my last job of 27 years was my cellphone, manufactured by that same previous employer, which I had to move to a personal account at the time of my, ummm…err…retirement, of course. Read more

Mac Miscellaney

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It’s now Monday morning, 1:15AM, and after four grueling hours with my second job getting a bunch of files prepared and uploaded, I remembered that I hadn’t done my column yet! I’m not even exactly sure what it’s going to be about, so please humor me. It’s late, and I’m not just a little grouchy. Read more

Why a Mac?

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Who is buying all those Macs? Recent sales figures show that Apple’s market share is now in the 20% range, even though they usually cost hundreds more than their PC brethren. More amazing is that this market share is growing in one of the worst economic downturns in decades. Maybe because:

An Apple Macintosh offers the user more sheer value than equivalent Windows machines. It’s a computer that can be used, with ease, by every member of your family. It comes with more standard, usable software than the Windows product, though in fairness, Microsoft is trying to catch up with a decent free video editor, but no one has anything close to Garage Band, for those who need a digital audio production studio. Likewise, there’s nothing that comes close to iPhoto for sophisticated functionality in the way it manages your image library. Oh, and it’s free, too. Read more

Interesting iPhone App With a Musical Bent

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I don’t often find inspiration for articles from Time magazine, but I sure did this time. The November 22, 2010 issue included a feature on the 50 best inventions of the year. Mixed in with yet another car that can be converted into an airplane, and a boat made from discarded plastic bottles, were a couple of Apple-related items.

First was already ubiquitous iPad, which the article states, “is the fastest-selling non-phone gizmo in consumer-electronics history.” Read more

Securing Your Wireless Network

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about the use of wireless networks and how much security do you need to protect yourself and your computing equipment.

The emergence of wireless network standards has untethered computer users from fixed locations, permitting laptop users to use their devices pretty much anywhere in their home, office, or their favorite restaurant or bookstore. The addition of the various iDevices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) into the mix has further untethered users and provided the freedom to move around, yet stay in touch and remain engaged in their regular pursuits. Read more

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