Mac Miscellaney

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It’s now Monday morning, 1:15AM, and after four grueling hours with my second job getting a bunch of files prepared and uploaded, I remembered that I hadn’t done my column yet! I’m not even exactly sure what it’s going to be about, so please humor me. It’s late, and I’m not just a little grouchy. Read more

Why a Mac?

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Who is buying all those Macs? Recent sales figures show that Apple’s market share is now in the 20% range, even though they usually cost hundreds more than their PC brethren. More amazing is that this market share is growing in one of the worst economic downturns in decades. Maybe because:

An Apple Macintosh offers the user more sheer value than equivalent Windows machines. It’s a computer that can be used, with ease, by every member of your family. It comes with more standard, usable software than the Windows product, though in fairness, Microsoft is trying to catch up with a decent free video editor, but no one has anything close to Garage Band, for those who need a digital audio production studio. Likewise, there’s nothing that comes close to iPhoto for sophisticated functionality in the way it manages your image library. Oh, and it’s free, too. Read more

Is it time to trade in your old Mac?

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Whew! What a loaded question! The reality is that there are lots and lots of older…er…more mature Macs still in use every day, helping their owners run their businesses. One of my longtime friends is still using a slew of Macs dating back to the 1990s, because the software he’s running is still getting the job done, and newer versions are either not available, or will not run at all on the newer hardware or operating systems. His attitude is, “why spend all that money upgrading software and hardware when what I have works, and still keeps my business profitable?” Read more

Macintosh Computers Ready for Business?

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This is the dirty little secret your IT manager doesn’t want you to know about. The truth is, it’s easier than ever to integrate Macintosh computers into your technology mix. Macs no longer need to be hidden in that dark corner of your business known as the graphic design department. Instead, it’s time for your Macs to be a valued part of your computing toolset. Read more

What’s Holding Apple Back from the Enterprise?

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In a recent TWIT (This Week In Technology) podcast, and additional discussions on the MacBreak Weekly podcast, host Leo Laporte and his panelists discussed the new iMac and how attractive it might be to corporate users. That’s when one of the panelists (I don’t remember who) brought up an inconvenient truth (sorry Mr. Gore) that as great as the iMac is, it’s not corporate IT friendly. Read more

Fun With Parallels

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One of the many things we writers do is review products for all of you fine readers. I’ve been on the staff for a month or two, and got media credentials at Macworld (I still can’t believe that happened…), got a few things published, and so on, so Nemo asked me what products I want to review. I indicated I wasn’t too sure, and that I’d sleep on it, when a few days later, I was asked to review something, but that I needed an Intel Mac capable of running Windows to do so. Read more

Fun With a Black Macbook — Part 2

March 18, 2012 by · Comments Off on Fun With a Black Macbook — Part 2 

Well, three weeks into ownership, I continue to feel much joy. Battery life is quite good–in normal use, I seem to get at least 3 or more hours before it requires a recharge. Sure beats my old TiBook all to heck! It can sit on my lap for extended periods without being too terribly uncomfortable. It’s warm, mind you, but so far as long as the wide duct at the back is kept clear, the fan doesn’t come on very often, and it never feels like I’m being burned alive.

I brought my new toy to my local Mac user group meeting last week, as the scheduled guest speaker dropped out at the last minute, and I was asked to step in to do a show and tell. I guess the geek factor of showing how you can run Windows XP and Linux on a Mac laptop was far too high, as there weren’t a lot of questions from the audience. Read more

Fun With a Black Macbook — Part 1

March 18, 2012 by · Comments Off on Fun With a Black Macbook — Part 1 

I just bought a slightly refurbished MacBook (2 GHz black model), and so far, it’s really wonderful. It’s fast, it hooked right up to my wired and wireless (as soon as I entered the password correctly–one lower-case character where it should have been an upper-case one–took me several hours to figure that out out…) networks, I’ve already installed a bunch of applications, including Parallels, so I can do my genealogy work (most of my genealogy software is Windows-based) on a portable device. That mag-power connector is really the bees knees. Read more

Screaming into Speakers and Time Machines

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While listening to podcast 152, driving my daily 45 mile commute to work last Friday, I kept screaming into the car speakers “John Norstad!!!” when the question was raised as to who wrote the venerable freeware Mac anti-virus program “Disinfectant”. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my time machine with me, so my screams went unanswered… What a great flashback for an old-timer like me. Unfortunately for the Mac community, John “retired” Disinfectant way back in 1998. Read more

Parallels to the Rescue!

March 18, 2012 by · Comments Off on Parallels to the Rescue! 

You know how there are days when you should just stay in bed? I think yesterday (Nov 6, 2007) was just such a day for noted Palm Beach Post staff photographer Bill Ingram. Read more

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