Perseverance Pays Off: Cousin Found after 30 Year Search…and Other Stuff.

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Preface: I’m going to minimize or omit altogether many names in this story to protect the privacy of the living and most of the dead. Much of the information about my cousin Bob’s early years came from talks with my late mother, who was very fond of Bob, and was very concerned about his well-being, which, as things turned out, her concerns were justified. It’s also important to note that my mother had a great sense of the dramatic, and was not always willing to let the truth get in the way of a great story, so some of the musings about Cousin Bob may be very, very off-base, and I will apologize now for any offense taken.

Background – Meet the Family

My father, Norman Franklin Grinnell (1906-1958), died when I was four years old, following a valiant battle with lung cancer. My father was close to his siblings and his mother, but was geographically separated, so he didn’t see them as often as he would have liked, with us living in Indianapolis, and his mother, sister, and brother-in-law living in a big, beautiful old house in Providence, Rhode Island. His brother, an Osteopathic surgeon, lived in Michigan, and later Oklahoma, where he helped open the first Osteopathic hospital in Oklahoma City. Read more

Genealogy on the Macintosh Computer

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Try as I might, I just can’t be 100% business on my Mac—either at work, or in this column (not that my media center articles had a whole lot to do with business….). Like many of us, I have a number of hobbies. Some (especially members of my family) say I have too many, but today I’ll focus on just one of them: genealogy. Read more

Using DNA in Genealogical Research

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I’ve been involved in genealogy for the last 20 years or so, and have performed extensive research on my branch of the Rhode Island-based Grinnell family. Over the years, I edited the Grinnell Family Association newsletter, served as its president for far too long, edited the second edition of their published genealogy, posted the genealogy on the Grinnell Family Association website, and am currently putting together a third edition of the Grinnell genealogy in book form. Read more

Genealogy-Based Websites

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I have been the webmaster for the Grinnell Family Association of America website since its inception. I’ve gone through a number of designs and implementations since our first site in 1998. Most of these designs were static in nature, which made them difficult to update and enhance. Our genealogical database contained data on almost 40,000 individuals and 14,000 families. I tried a number of tools that created individual static pages, resulting in tens of thousands of individual HTML files. Every time the database was updated, the genealogy HTML pages had to be regenerated and uploaded to the server–a process that could take all day. Read more