I Learned About Desktop Publishing From That

May 4, 2012 by · Comments Off on I Learned About Desktop Publishing From That 

How I wound up as a professional technogeek is a long and semi-interesting tale. It involves multiple computing platforms, multiple job shifts, and a whole lotta dumb luck.

After getting out of the US Air Force in 1982 after a nine year stint as a radio technician, I immediately began working for a huge Midwest-based communications equipment manufacturer, at their paging and commercial two-way radio manufacturing and R&D facility in south Florida. I worked in the manufacturing engineering organization as a bench technician, but had many of the responsibilities of a full-fledged engineer but for a whole lot less money (it was, however, double what I was making in the Air Force). I began playing with HP desktop computers and calculators writing simple programs in HPL (high-performance language) and HP Basic, controlling arrays of test equipment over their GPIB (general purpose interface bus). Read more

Graphics of the Americas, March 2012

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I paid a visit to the Graphics of the Americas tradeshow in Miami Beach this weekend. It’s the second biggest print tradeshow in the US, only dwarfed by the Graph Expo show held in Chicago.

I hadn’t been to a GOTA show in two or three years (last year the venue was changed to Orlando–I don’t know if this was to be a one-time thing, or whether the show will be moving around in future years), and was somewhat surprised at how much smaller it had become. Going back 15 years or more, the show took up nearly the entire four quarters of the Miami Beach Convention Center, an enormous megalith that plays host to hundreds of different shows each year. One of my favorite events at the Miami Beach Convention Center, other than the GOTA, is the Auto Show, which usually takes all four quarters and is loaded to the gills with automotive goodness. But I digress. Read more

Don’t Write an Obit for Newspapers Yet

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The blogosphere gets it wrong again… A rather sensational blog from Newsbusters.org, reported in an OpEd piece published by the S. Florida Sun-Sentinel, which talked about the changes going on at the Sun-Sentinel and the difficulties going on at many of today’s newspapers. As usual, they got it wrong. The blogosphere (of which I am an admittedly fringe member) just loves to over dramatize and stretch/distort the truth around every story that makes them look better (if I were in competition with newspapers, wouldn’t I badmouth them ever chance I had?). Read more

The Death of Print — Redux or Reflux?

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In a recent article on Electronista,  it was reported that USA Today will “undergo a major overhaul of its structure to shift attention away from print.” Their new Vice President of Digital Development, Steve Kurtz, is chartered with “refining the paper for its digital side.” The future thrust will include providing content for devices like smartphones, the iPad, other mobile devices, and the Web. Read more